Award Banners

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Best AU  ~ Odalisque Best NC-17  ~ Odalisque Best PWP  ~ Beggars Banquet Best Overall Willow fic  ~ Odalisque Best Willow/Spike Author Best New Willow Author  2n place Best Willow/Spike Fanfic  ~ Odalisque 2nd place Best Angst  ~ Odalisque 2nd place Best Overall Willow Author Best AU runner up  ~ Odalisque Best Drama  ~ Eighteen Days Best Plot  ~ Eighteen Days Best Willow/Spike runner up ~ Eighteen Days Best Angst ~ Odalisque Best Willow Characterisation runner up  ~ A Day Like a Gift Best Spillow Runner Up ~ The Price of a Kiss Best W/S Author Best Willow-Fic of All Time Runner Up ~ Eighteen Days