Eighteen Days

Eighteen Days was the back story to a season four Spillow story that was meant to be my first venture into BtVS fanfiction. The back story became so significant to the season four and five stories that I wanted to write that I felt that I had to separate it, and Eighteen Days was born.

There are spoilers through season three, and the Gem of Amara story is completely unraveled—which is less a spoiler than a new direction that the story takes.

I chose to pick at the Gem of Amara story line because I was intrigued by a couple of ideas about the space between seasons three and four, and the Gem of Amara storyline already involved the split casts of BtVS and AtS. I wanted to explore the idea of what Spike might be doing in his post-Drusilla life. I also saw this as the beginning of a transition period for Willow and Oz and I wanted to take the time to explore what I saw as different commitment levels that were already undermining their relationship. It was also meant to give me a venue to express my affection for the Buffy/Angel.

I'm a little stuck on the ending—obviously. It has been months since I updated ED. This is more a problem with the after ED continuity than anything else, and I expect that I'll resolve it eventually and get to the Season 4/5 story that I started with in the spring of 2003.

Eighteen Days was originally beta read through chapter 15 by Shannon. It has been beta read in its entirety by Kallie Rose. Claudia_yvr started beta reading with chapter 30, and has shared beta reading for ED since that time.